A Closet Makeover with Swiffer and Home Depot

October 12, 2014

I recently teamed up with Swiffer and Home Depot to organize a space in my home.  This is how it all went down:

Everyone has those spots in your home you pray no one sees—the junk drawer, the pantry shelf, and for us, the hall closet. Although not full of “skeletons,” it was jam packed with a disorganized, miscellaneous array of linens, random personal care supplies, towels, and a few items that I didn’t really have anywhere else to store.


I would quickly fold my towels and sheets and shove them in an open spot, then close the doors and avoid opening them until I had to. When Swiffer and The Home Depot asked me to be a part of this campaign, I knew the hall closet would be the perfect project to finally tackle.

Reorganizing the closet was really a family affair. We started by clearing everything out then thoroughly cleaning the shelves. Even though we have only lived in our home for three years, I was shocked how much dust had accumulated on the upper shelves in particular.

We dove into our big green box of cleaning supplies and got started.


 First, my husband, Jon, used the Swiffer Sweeper to hit the high shelves.  I used the Swiffer Duster for the more frequently used shelves.  Then our two-year-old, Ruby, decided they were “wands,” gave each one a hug, and did a little cleaning of her own.


Once we had a clean surface, we headed to Home Depot to pick up a few additional supplies to make the space more functional and organized. My first purchase was a Brother P-Touch label maker. Brilliant little products.   I was able to clearly organize and label all of our personal care items so they are easy to find.


I also purchased three teal Martha Stewart fabric drawers. Not only did they provide additional storage, but they also serve as dividers to separate towels and linens.



Jon had the idea to roll beach towels and stack them on either side of the bins which was perfect for the smaller space.


Our hall closet is now fresh and orderly and neat. I love the way it turned out.


Now, if a house guest stumbles upon our closet I no longer need to fear them getting hit by falling sheets. Peace of mind, I tell ya.

Swiffer asked me to spread the love and pass along an additional big green box full of supplies and a Home Depot gift card for someone else to tackle their own home project. We left it on the doorstep of my mother-in-law who immediately started gushing about how much she loves Swiffer products.  Thank you to Swiffer and Home Depot for including us in this campaign! My hall closet thanks you!

Coming up tomorrow I’m breaking down one of my favorite parts of one of my favorite rooms in my home.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!



*This post is sponsored by Swiffer and Home Depot.  Thank you for supporting my sponsors!

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