Back to School!

August 31, 2016

2016-08-16 16.50.03

It’s that time of year— back to school!  The time for getting into routines and schedules, bedtimes and healthy eating.

For my 4-year-old, Ruby, it’s an exciting time with the start of her second year of preschool.  She has grown and changed so much from last year.  She knows much more what to expect and is looking forward to the routine.  One thing we’ve been working on lately is making healthy food choices and asking her to participate in packing a lunch makes it seem a bit like it’s her idea rather than mine.  Look at me—I’ve turned into such a mom!

2016-08-16 16.34.25

We were excited to team up with Redbook to pack a healthy lunch, prep for the upcoming school year, (and get a good night’s sleep).  They sent us these cool Bento lunch boxes for Ruby to decorate (with dishwasher safe stickers—how cool is that?).

After sticking away to her heart’s content, we talked about why it’s important to put good food in our tummies.  As a child, I loved pre-packaged lunches with cheese, meat, and crackers so we made our own versions.

2016-08-16 16.41.37

2016-08-16 16.35.27

I cut up Sargento cheese slices and lunch meat into little stackable sizes, and paired them with crackers in the Bento box.  I like to look for foods that are real, aren’t processed, are natural, and I feel good about each item we selected for the lunch.  We added in some carrots, a hard-boiled egg, and a juice box.

2016-08-16 16.30.21 2016-08-16 16.48.10

If your preschooler is anything like mine, a pretty pen or marker is a sure way to her heart.  I let her load up her backpack with as many Pilot pens as she wanted.  She already said she wanted to share them with her teachers.  We have been working hard on her penmanship and Ruby beams with pride every time she writes her name!  These pens are perfect for helping her get precise with each letter.

2016-08-16 16.51.39 2016-08-16 16.51.57

Now my girl is ready for school!  And Jon and I are ready for some sleep.  This pregnancy has me getting up a gazillion times a night, and tossing and turning, which pretty much means Jon doesn’t get much sleep either.  Redbook sent us some Natrol, which we’ve never tried before, but our neighbor swears by melatonin, which is a naturally-occurring hormone that promotes healthy sleep, and suggested Jon try it.  They also sent us some ear plugs and a sleeping mask so Jon can doze peacefully and silently while I flip on the bathroom light multiple times a night.

2016-08-16 17.57.25 2016-08-16 17.57.46

And while I won’t likely be getting a good night’s sleep any time soon (especially with a newborn joining the mix in the next couple of months), I learned with my last baby, there’s no point in us both being sleep deprived.  If Jon is well rested, everything else will run a bit more smoothly.

Here’s to a successful transition back to school and back to routine!  May we all enter the school year well rested and with a healthy lunch and pretty pens to boot.

2016-08-16 16.55.02 2016-08-16 16.54.46

Note her hands– oh how I love my girly Ruby!

Happy back to school!


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  1. jill says:

    where is the bunny backpack from??

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