Ahhhmazing USB outlets with Adorne

February 16, 2018

    You know when you find a product and you’re like why the heck didn’t someone do this before because it makes life so much easier?  Yeah, that’s how I feel every time I put an Adorne by Legrand fixture/product/high tech thing in the #Staggreno.  This time it’s USB outlets.  Wha??????

I’ve worked with this company before (remember Ruby’s nifty nightlight, our touch light switches, and automated lighting system?) so when they reached out to collaborate again I was thrilled.  I truly love every single thing from them in our home and this latest product is no exception.  Guys, USB outlets.

This ain’t yo mama’s outlet.  The Dual USB Plus-Size Combo Outlet eliminates the need for a gazillion cords and allowed us to really streamline things in two high cord traffic areas (yes, that is a thing in our home).  Here’s how we use it:

We placed them in our kitchen– an area where we are constantly charging phones and busting out dance moves with the Beats Pill speaker, which uses a USB cord.  It’s brilliant– you don’t need a charger or converter– the USB just plugs directly into the wall.

We also put them our home office.  It allows me to use the outlets for the computer and my laptop, but still have my phone or tablet charge as well without a giant power strip/surge protector.  They really clean up the cord mess and look so slick.  Plus they make me feel super high tech and hip.

Not only are the products just smart, they are also beautiful.  I love the customizable plate options.  We have the brass in most of our home, but when we want them to blend like in our kitchen, we used the gloss white.

Happy President’s Day Weekend, and love prayers and hope to Florida.  My heart is aching for all involved in yet another senseless act of violence.


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