5 things you need right now

July 22, 2017

This week seems to have escaped me and here we are at Sunday again!  I sure do love this weekly roundup of things I’m loving and the 5 things you need right now.  I’ve had some fun feedback from followers at random places who have said they love the recommendations.  That’s always so fun to hear!  Ok, so let’s get to it!

  1.  This kids’ plate.  And this kids’ plate.  Yep, two!  Have a picky eater?  Ruby is terrible.  Textures, colors, smells, anything new, really anything outside of generally four different foods and she is grimacing and refusing to eat.  I’ve tried just about everything but nothing has helped more than these plates.  It basically turns dinnertime into a game, where she has to eat everything in a little compartment before moving on to the next.  Every night I throw in at least two things she either doesn’t really like or new foods she has never tried before.  And you know what?  She eats them!  It’s literally has changed our lives.  They come in several different styles for your child’s preferences (we have the Dinner Winner and Enchanted Forest and in the face plates we have both).  We LOVE them.  
  2. This deodorant.  Now before you’re all “Jen, deodorant?” and “Jen, it’s more expensive than my Suave from the grocery store” just trust me when I tell you this is the most amazing deodorant.  Like really.  It not only smells amazing, but it is silky smooth, soft, cuts back on razor burn, makes you and your clothes smell lovely all day long, and is worth every penny.  And it’s on sale in a three pack right now for the Nordstrom Sale.  You need it.  
  3. This moisturizer.  Have you tried Kate Somerville?  Jon put some of this moisturizer in my Christmas stocking a while back and I love it.  It’s light and smooth, non greasy and perfect for summer/fall.  Keeps your skin hydrated and feeling fresh all day, but not thick.  You only need a little bit too, so it goes a long way.  Since I tried it, I’ve loved all of the brand’s products and again, for the sale, there is a gift set that’s such a bargain.  
  4. These sandwich shapers.  It’s almost here– school time.  Even if your child isn’t in school, these are winners.  Why do kids hate crust?  I remember disliking it when I was a child too.  Maybe it’s a rite of passage or something.  And if you can cut the crust off and make a sandwich that’s adorable?  Double whammy toward a successful lunchtime.  
  5. Stainless steel cups.  This is going to seem like a weird one but trust me, these are the best.  My best friend has always had these in her home and I’m obsessed.  Your drink not only stays cold, it gets colder the longer its in one.  Like magic.  Milk and cookies?  The coldest milk ever.  Ice in your soda?  The ice doesn’t melt.  The best part?  Dishwasher safe.  Yep, you need them.

Have a wonderful week, and to those of you here in Utah, Happy Pioneer Day tomorrow! (that’s our state holiday:)

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