Holidays are meant for creating memories, and whether you’re happily married to the love of your life, single, or somewhere in between, Valentine’s Day should be no exception. You might instantly think of diamond rings, fancy dinners and expensive flowers, Read More

Little Ways to Create a Memorable Valentine’s Day

Feb 13, 2019

Feb 6, 2019

“Low media home” is certainly a buzz term these days, but is it something that’s right for your home and family? Technology and family guru Amy Iverson is a mom of three who has found the right balance in her home. She writes a column for a Utah based Read More

Limiting Tech at Home ft. Amy Iverson

Designing rooms for kids is one of Jen’s favorite things. But there’s a fine balance when creating whimsical spaces that are also sophisticated. Whether it’s a bedroom or a playroom, involving little ones in their own design can help them feel ownership. Read More

Designing Spaces for Kids

Jan 30, 2019

Jan 23, 2019

There’s lots to consider when becoming a homeowner: do you want to buy new, build a custom home, or are you up for a renovation? Jen and Jon love home projects, so for their current home, the Stagg Reno, they opted for a mid-century home renovation. Read More

When to Choose an Old Home Instead of New ft. Jon

 It’s no secret, the smell of fresh baked goods can stir powerful emotions. Whether it’s the scent of your grandma’s cookies wafting through the air, your mom’s homemade pie, or another treasured family treat, that unique aroma instantly transports Read More

Baking like a Pro at Home ft. Courtney Rich

Jan 16, 2019

Jan 9, 2019

If you feel like something is missing from your home, but you’re not quite sure what it is, it may be natural elements. Humans tend to surround themselves with living things, which can be more difficult during winter. Luckily, adding natural woods, Read More

Bringing Natural Elements to Your Home

We all have spaces at home we dread looking at. You know the pattern: clutter builds, disorganization takes over, and before you know it, cleaning up feels overwhelming. Professional organizer Samantha Pregenzer from SO|Home has been helping people Read More

Organizing Your Home ft. Sam Pregenzer

Jan 2, 2019

Dec 26, 2018

Nothing gives a room that polished and finished look more than finding the perfect rug, but making that choice can be intimidating. In addition to color, size and material, you also need to think about the pattern, pile, and shape among other things. Read More

Dos and Don’ts When Choosing Rugs

At “Heart of the Home”, we think the Christmas season is the perfect time to fill your house with special moments, whether it’s festive music, home baked goodies, or time spent with family. In this week’s episode, Jen and Jon are sharing some of their Read More

Importance of Holiday Traditions ft. Jon

Dec 19, 2018

Dec 12, 2018

Jen and Jon pride themselves on being big DIYers, and even they admit, sometimes hiring a professional is worth the price. In today’s episode, they share some of their biggest home project regrets. From temperamental painting, to pesky pine cones, Read More

When to Choose Professionals Over DIY ft. Jon

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