February 20, 2013


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We all know the importance of drinking enough water every day.   It flushes toxins from our body.   It makes our skin look better.  We need it to replenish the fluids our body loses through sweat.  It helps stave off dehydration, fatigue, and our body needs it to function.  Unfortunately, during these cold, dry winter months, when we are freezing and our skin is cracking, a big cold glass of ice water just doesn’t sound appetizing….. Brrrrr!   Here are a few tips I use every day to get my 64 oz in, by making it easy and even a bit fun.

We all love going to the spa, right?   The water always tastes so much better– because they flavor it with cucumbers, of course!  I like to take a fun pitcher, fill it in the morning with water, add cucumber or lemon slices, and pour myself glasses throughout the day.  It just tastes better, and makes you feel like you are pampering yourself just a bit.  I also like to do this with fruit…. Blackberries and raspberries, yum!

Vitamins and supplements, oh my!  There are a variety of products, syrups and powders that you can add to your water.  Add away, my friends, just check your labels.  Look for a small, simple label, with ingredients you can understand (some are a bit scary).   Stay away from calories and caffeine – you just don’t need it.

I like ending my day with some light lemon tea.  A hot drink with a good book makes it easy to sleep well.   I boil a large mug of water and pour over a lemon tea bag, and steep for just a few minutes.  It’s light on flavor, and decaf, of course.   If it’s too bland, add ¼ cup apple juice or cider (watch the sugar).  Enjoy!

P.S.  Metromint water is amazing!  I could drink it nonstop.  Three ingredients: water, mint, natural essence.  Lots of flavors – although I think cherry mint is the best.  I have found it locally at Harmon’s, a specialty grocer.

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