We woke up on the morning of the BHG and Crate and Barrel shoot filled with excitement (you can read all about getting the space ready here and here).  This shoot was a dream and I’m so excited to share the finished product with you!  So, here we go! First Read More

Welcome Life In with Crate and Barrel

Design, Entertaining, Featured, My Home, Popular Posts, Tablescapes, Videos

Design, Entertaining, Featured, My Home, Popular Posts, Stories

After a crappy contractor left us high and dry (yep, I said it.  C.R.A.P.P.Y.), a spring snowstorm that left us wet and muddy, and a day spent in the cold and muck trying to make sense of the patio, we made it to shoot day with one of my favorite furnishing Read More

Behind the Scenes of Big Shoot

The yard was to be conquered this year!  No more unusable landscaping!  Little did we know, there would be a lot of backyard debacles.  Here’s how it unfolded. When we put in our two additions on the back of the home, the original backyard took a Read More

Backyard Debacles

Design, DIY, Featured, Home, My Home, Popular Posts, Stories

Design, DIY, Featured, My Home, Popular Posts

I field a lot of questions about our front door.  It occurred to me I never did a post about our door, and sourced it for ya’ll.  So, let’s do it! The front door replacement was a no brainer.  Unless you like living in a dark dungeon with troll requiring Read More

Our Modern Front Door

When we laid out what was possible financially and in what timeline with the #staggreno, we knew we would be leaving the backyard out for awhile.  The yard was overgrown and in bad shape to begin with, but after having to rip up the sprinkler system Read More

#Staggreno Backyard Plans

Design, DIY, Featured, Home, My Home, Popular Posts, Stories

Design, Featured, Popular Posts

We’re entering one of my favorite months for decorating: July.  Something about this middle-of-summer month makes me want to run around barefoot in the sunshine and give my home and yard that carefree, fresh, summertime feel.  Here are my picks for Read More

July Decor Outdoors and In: Get your Home Ready

I get a lot of questions about our modern exterior railing at the #staggreno.  Like a lot.  A modern exterior railing can be pricy.  Railings in general can cost a pretty penny.  Our modern exterior railing, however, was pretty economical while Read More

Modern Exterior Railing

Design, Featured, My Home, Popular Posts

Design, DIY, Featured, Home, My Home, Popular Posts

When it comes to home buying, there are plenty of duds out there– badly designed, badly remodeled, or just plain bad-all-around homes that aren’t worth the investment to try to make them good.  There are also plenty of gems– homes with hidden potential Read More

How to spot a diamond in the rough

As a mother of three little ladies, we certainly know a thing or two about girls around here.  Designing a place that brings their imaginations to life is always top of mind.  When it comes to playrooms, I’m always striving to create a space that is Read More

Feminine Playroom Design

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Design, DIY, Featured, Home, My Home, Popular Posts

We have a whole lotta catching up to do on the #staggreno, ya’ll.  A big backlog of projects and tips and finished spaces.  I’m slowly but surely working my way through them.  Let’s just dive right in, shall we?  Starting with the upstairs bathroom Read More

Upstairs Bathroom Reveal

Let Us Show You Around

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