March 6, 2013

You know it when you see it: that woman who breezes into a room with perfectly paired accessories that seem to pull together her look seamlessly.  And on the flip side, you know when someone has it wrong: something just seems off– too much, or too little, or just the wrong combination can make you look messy, lazy, and unsophisticated.

I reached out to someone who has it all right in the accessory department: fashion blogger Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies.  Her tips for cohesive accessorizing are practical and yet, she takes the right amount of risk.  She agreed to break it all down for us in the jewelry department.

1)  When a woman pops open her jewelry box, it can be a bit overwhelming.  Different colors, textures, styles, old, new, gold, silver, and the list goes on.  Where do you begin to choose pieces that can go together cohesively? 
I don’t really have a set routine when it comes to choosing out my daily jewelry. I experiment a lot, I mix my golds and silvers, my old and my new. I try not to take it to seriously, if you get it wrong, there’s always tomorrow to continue to experiment with what pairing makes me look and feel the best.

 photo Fashionpost60_zpsded216f4.jpg

2)  It can be tempting to “go big, or go home” with accessories– you either choose too much, or two little.  What’s the key to doing it right? 
Balance is key! If you have a bold statement necklace, go lighter on the bracelets and earrings. If you’re wearing a subtle necklace, or no necklace at all, add a statement earring or a stack of bracelets.

 photo Fashionpost59_zps4686be6c.jpg

3)  Statement necklaces are big right now– what makes a great statement necklace, and what goes with it?  (and what are some of your favorites currently?)
Statement necklaces are so much fun, they add the perfect pop to any look. Florals are a huge trend for spring and necklaces are no exception to that trend. My favorite necklace of the season is this gorgeous J.Crew number.

 photo Fashionpost57_zpsaf6ea6b1.jpg

4)  Layering and stacking jewelry can be tricky.  How do you select what goes on your wrist?
I start with a bracelet I want to be my focal point (this can be a watch, or larger bracelet) from there I build around it adding different sizes and colors of bangles.
5)  There is a right way and a wrong way to wear more than one necklace.  Help us, oh wise one! 
Again, balance is key! When layering necklaces, start with your focal point and build from there. My favorite necklace to layer is my pearl stack necklace, It sits higher on my neck so I layer it with a longer, delicate necklace.
6)  There are few accessories more functional and necessary than a handbag.  How do you decide which bag goes with your look?
If I’m going out to dinner on the weekends or to an event, I’ll select a clutch that coordinates with my look. During the day, I always have an oversized bag. I usually buy neutral colored bags that are versatile.
7)  Where are your favorite places to shop for great accessories?

 photo Fashionpost58_zpsa69561a0.jpg

8)  Which accessories can you not live without?
My Renegade bracelet from Stella and Dot, my diamond stud earrings and of course, my wedding ring.
9)  If a woman is going to invest in a key piece, what should it be?
A great watch, it’s a piece you’ll wear daily and it’s works perfectly with stacking bracelets.
You can see more of Rachel’s lovely looks on Pink Peonies.  And, I have more posts coming up with Rachel (including an unbelievable home tour, and a sweet interview with her and her three gorgeous sisters!).  Stay tuned to withHEART…
Photos by Veronica Reeve

Jen Signature photo JenSignature_zpse63747c4.jpg

Rachel’s looks:
1)  top | jacket | necklaces here and similar here | bracelets here, here, and similar here and here
2) top | necklace no longer available, great statements here, here, and here | earrings

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  1. Chelsea says:

    These are some great recommendations for mixing up your jewelry routine! Rachel makes it look so effortless!

    Haute Child in the City

  2. Inna says:

    Great interview! As I mentioned on Rachel’s blog, my favorite pieces of accessories are statement necklaces! I seem to always gravitate towards them when I shop for jewelry! I love this J.Crew piece. Its such a great color that would be the perfect piece to spice up any outfit! Glad I found this blog- will be coming back 🙂
    Footprints in the City

  3. Samantha says:

    This is a great feature! I always have trouble when it comes to accessorizing myself.
    Love your blog too – newest follower! 🙂

  4. these are some great tips by rachel!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. She always gets it right and looks flawless. Love this!


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  6. Kayla says:

    Aww I loved this! Rachel always looks SOO gorgeous! : )


  7. Chelsea says:

    I love all of Rachel’s picks and you asked the perfect questions. Thanks for sharing!

    Chelsea & The City
    Be sure to check out my Stella & Dot trunk show + giveaway!

  8. Kay says:

    Cute! Where is the red one from? The link took me to a gold necklace

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Kay, the rose necklace is out of stock at J Crew. Hope you like one of the similar options! Thanks for reading!

  9. Michelle says:

    Love this post, so much fun and great tips! 🙂

    xx Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  10. jewel says:

    I love Rachel’s blog. These are great interview questions. Very informative. I have lots of jewelry and can be at times overwhelming so this was a good learning piece for me! xoxox!

  11. Kelly says:

    Hi Jen!

    Let me say, you and Rachel are a dynamite duo! I came across your site via hers and am so happy I did!! I really enjoyed this post and am looking forward to more. Especially excited for the house tour….can’t wait. Great job, lovely interview. Thanks so much for creating With Heart….have a blessed day!

    Kelly from chic Saturday

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