April 1, 2014

It’s embarrassing, really.  It’s the first room people see when they enter our home, and essentially since we moved in, it’s been either completely empty, or had a hodgepodge collection of furniture in it.  Our living room isn’t at all suitable for hosting guests, but it’s been one of the lower priorities, as it’s not a room we use a lot.

But, soon that will change!  Today I’m sharing my living room plans.  We are almost to the point where we can really start focussing on the space.  And I couldn’t be more excited.   I mean, check out what it looked like when we closed on the house:

formal living room before 1 copy formal living before 6 copy formal living before 5 copy formal living before 4 copy formal living before 2 copy

Here’s what we’ve already done:  We tore down and patched that planter’s shelf above the window right before we moved in, and replaced all of the carpet.  We also painted the whole house, so this room is finished as well.  I would recommend doing flooring and wall paint before you are living in a space, if you can.  It saves you so much hassle during a live-in remodel.

Just having a blank slate (read empty room) has been so much better than looking at those drapes.  And while I haven’t loved the barren room, it has been nice to take my time figuring out exactly what I want.

The room is average sized.  It’s not very big, but has enough space for a sofa (Regina already has a home in there), a couple of chairs (that’s where these babies are going to go when they’re finished), a coffee table, side table, rug, and maybe one more piece of furniture.

My family room is coming together with some color, so I want this room to have a more soothing, calm, chill kind of vibe.  The furniture is mostly mid-century, so I want to stick along those lines, but not go crazy with it.  Here is some of my inspiration:

Screenshot 2014-04-01 08.35.54

 via Pinterest

Screenshot 2014-04-01 08.38.14

Emily Henderson

Screenshot 2014-04-01 08.40.46

So Haute

While the room is technically a formal living room, it’s also right next to the playroom.  Ruby is constantly running in and out of there.  I have a rule in my home that everything needs to be mostly kid friendly.  No sharp edges, nothing easily ruined.  That is on my mind a lot as I’ve been pulling together ideas.

I’ve had my eye on this coffee table for quite a while.  Also, this rug, though I’m still on the fence with it.  I’m leaning toward a light grey, white, mix of blues, with touches of a yellow/green, and gold scheme.  I’ve already picked up this side table, and a few accessories.

We are considering some kind of moulding detail on the window wall, to make it more of a focal point.  Not sure exactly what yet, but we are getting close to having to make a decision.

I think once I get a few big decisions out of the way, this room is going to come together pretty quickly.  Can’t wait to share more soon!

Ruby’s second birthday is just a few weeks away (Wha?!?!?!?) so I’ve been planning her party.  I hope it turns out as I envision it!  More on that soon.

What projects have you got going?  Spring always gives me renewed energy to tackle everything!

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