Goodbye 2016

December 29, 2016

My, my, what a year I’ve had.  Never could I have imagined the joy, opportunity, and unexpected wonderful that 2016 would bring at New Year’s last year.  And here we are, a whole year later and I’m left in awe of undoubtedly one of the best years of my life.

So much good has happened, it was hard to narrow it down to my top 5 of 2016.  I’ve been so very blessed.  Here are some highlights from the year:


Who would have known when I decided to send in a reel to Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family Next DIY Star competition I would go on to be selected as a top 5 finalist.  It was the opportunity of a lifetime, and one I am so very grateful for.  I met some wonderful people, was able to announce my pregnancy on tv, got great advice and guidance from the oh so kind staff, and made lifelong friends.  I can’t thank the producers, hosts, and entire team enough for their kindness!

Read about the experience HERE.


When I walked away from TV news several years ago, I truly had no intention of ever going back.  It was a season in my life I knew had changed and I was ready to flex new muscles, explore my other talents, and turn my attention to goals I previously hadn’t had the time or creative energy to accomplish.  I was caught completely off guard when the news director at the local Fox affiliate contacted me to see if I was interested in returning to news.  My first instinct was to say no, but after he laid out the position of part time weekend anchor of Good Day Utah, I knew it was an opportunity that wouldn’t come around again.  With the support of Jon, I decided to go for it (and go back on TV at 7 months pregnant), and it has been the perfect fit.  I can keep my foot in the career I dedicated so much of myself to while also pursuing design, the blog, and taking care of my now three little ladies.  What a gift!  I’m excited to go back after maternity leave on January 14.


If I could pinpoint one thing that took my blog to a new level, it’s been the support of Better Homes & Gardens.  In the first six months of blogging, withHEART was named BHG DIY blog of the year.  This year, our home, the #staggreno, and family were featured on the pages of Better Homes (hello dream come true!) and I was selected as a 2016 Stylemaker and featured in a spread in the first issue of the new Stylemaker Magazine.  (I’ll share more about the shoot and spreads soon!)  I was also honored to speak on a panel at the NYC Stylemaker Event in September.  I continue to be so very grateful to the editors and staff at BHG for their support.  They are the best in the biz!!


It has long been a goal of mine to launch my own product collection.  Stagg Design is all I dreamed it would be, and it’s so rewarding seeing textiles I designed/produced in the homes of customers.  I wholeheartedly believe your home is a sacred place and I’m in awe that you all would want to put our products in the place you hold most dear.  Thank you thank you.  And thank you again.  I can’t wait to see what the next year ahead holds for this budding business.


We learned we were expecting Vivienne in March and I’ve never had so many opportunities to be photographed/appear on television while pregnant.  My pregnancy seemed like a whirlwind with all the craziness happening this year and her birth was such a wonderful way to end such a wonderful year.  Vivie was born November 3 and has brought such a sweet spirit into our home.  She is an angel.  Her two big sisters and parents adore her.  (photos by Veronica Reeve)

This year was not without its hardships and stress, but as I look back at the year past, I see only all the good.  I’ve been so blessed.  2016, you were one of the best.  Now, let’s do this 2017!

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  1. Regina says:

    Beautiful blessing! I hope you continue to blog and share your talent!

  2. Sarina Jain says:

    HI Jennifer, my name is Sarina Jain. I hope you are well and enjoying Ruby. I just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Nov 2nd. (hit that 6 month mark). I read your article on WTE and it was brilliant. I am a full time mom and also have a career. I have a story for your blog and would like to see if you would be interested in it. I am known as the Jane Fonda of India (exercise world). I created the Indian dance workout 17 years ago and introduced it to the world where today it is offered in over 20 countries. It’s called Masala Bhangra. I came out with some prenatal workout videos as well since there was nothing in the market like Bollywood Baby. Alot of mommies have been enjoying it and I thought I would send it your way. Please do let me know if this is of interest to you. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you again for a great article 🙂 I take my baby to all my classes when I can and she works out with me as that is my life 🙂
    Sarina Jain

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