December 16, 2013

Happy Monday!  We had a busy weekend filled with holiday activities, family parties, and of course, working on Ruby’s bathroom.  It’s going a little slower than we had hoped, as Jon has been completely swamped at work lately.  But, any progress is progress!  We are working on repainting the vanity right now, then it will be time to start ordering accessories.

I’ve been searching for the right accessories for the space.  I am not a big fan of cheesy cartoon characters and a lot of children’s bathroom decor is cartoonish.  I instead have been looking for modern, sweet, and clean looking pieces.   Here are some of the options I’ve found.bathroom options 1

Diamond Bath Rug | Zigzag Bath Mat | Raindrop Bath Mat

bathroom options 2

Hippo Toothbrush Holder | Tooth Toothbrush Holder | Stripe Tumbler

bathroom options 3

Triangle Shower Curtain | Tassled Shower Curtain | Circle Round Shower Curtain

I think I’ve decided on a rug and toothbrush holder, but I’m still not set on a shower curtain.  Can’t wait to show you how it’s all coming together.  I think it’s going to be such a sweet room.

So, place your votes!  Which ones are your favorites?

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  1. Anna says:

    I was wondering if you might consider doing another (even a couple) posts, similar to the ‘The Right Way to Make a Bed’ piece you did earlier in the year, for those of us starting from scratch with a home. I learned so much on how to start/create our master bed from that article, I’d just love to hear more of what you have to say about other rooms from ground zero too – especially the dining and living rooms! I got engaged a couple months ago and I’m just TICKLED PINK to start collecting things for our first home together, but I’m struggling with making the different pieces I find – work together. So far what I’ve ended up with is a hodge podge of happies! I’m a HUGE fan of bringing the beauty back to old forgotten pieces, but keeping a color pattern with furniture is also really hard for me. For example, I second guess painting an oak headboard navy to go along with a navy/gold dresser because of my fear of losing a focal point and drowning in color! I hope I’m not the only one out there needing help with bringing a room together by combining neat pieces with a few flares of color?! I just love your blog and I really take so many of your tips to heart! Thanks for considering! -Anna

    • Jen says:

      Hi Anna, thanks so much for reading! I’m so glad you loved it. I will definitely plan more along those lines! Thanks for the suggestion. I also just started offering e-design consultations, so if there is something you what direct help with, I’m happy to help! You can email me at jen@withheart.com if you want. xx

  2. I love those toothbrush holders! The hippopotamus especially made me smile. My son loves them and calls it a “bigopotamus!” I’m going to have to get this for the kids bathroom.

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